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Unspoiled, breathtaking vistas enthrall visitors with towering mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, white water rivers, dense lush forests, and glistening lakes. The small town of Burney, located between two giant glaciated volcanoes, the dormant 14,162 foot Mt. Shasta and the still active 10,457 foot Lassen Peak, is known for its colorful history, abundant natural wonders and unlimited recreational opportunities.

Burney is where people go to get away from the frantic city pace, appealing to those who like a leisurely approach to the outdoors as well as those who enjoy adventure. From mountain climbing to spelunking, as well as golf, fishing, hunting, canoeing, cycling, white water rafting, horseback riding or just sightseeing - the Burney area has something for everyone!

Picture: Fall River Golf Course


The Volcanic Legacy Byway All American Road

Welcome to the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road. Along this 500 mile journey from volcano to volcano you will find opportunities for adventure, exploration, communion with nature and an appreciation for the culture and history of the region. You will also find residents eager to share the beauty and mystery of this land that is dotted with evidence of an eruptive past.

bulletBurney Falls State Park
bulletThe park is within the Cascade Range and Modoc Plateau natural region, with 910 acres of forest and five miles of streamside and lake shoreline, including a portion of Lake Britton. The park's centerpiece is the 129-foot Burney Falls, which is not the highest or largest waterfall in the state, but possibly the most beautiful. Additional water comes from springs, joining to create a mist-filled basin. Burney Creek originates from the park's underground springs and flows to Lake Britton, getting larger along the way to the majestic falls.
bulletLassen Volcanic National Park
bulletExplore the story of a landscape forged in volcanic fire, carved by glaciers, and populated with a diversity of plants and animals. Follow in the footsteps of Native Americans, pioneers, miners, and artists. Lassen Volcanic preserves and protects 106,000 acres of forests, lakes, hydrothermal areas, and geologic formations. For information on programs, services, rules and regulations, and year-round opportunities to enjoy and learn more about the Park, download a copy of "Peak Experiences," the Park's newspaper and visitors' guide..
bulletFall River Golf and Country Club
bulletThe Fall River Golf Course, given Four and half stars by Golf Digest,  lays out over slightly rolling terrain, through pine and juniper forests and past shimmering lakes. Abundant wildlife, great views and a country atmosphere make this destination unique. For a tee time call 530-336-5555.
bulletAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park
bulletAhjumawi is a place of exceptional, even primeval, beauty. Brilliant aqua bays and tree studded islets only a few yards long dot the shoreline of Ja-She Creek, Crystal Springs, and Horr Pond. Of the park's 6000 acres, over two thirds of the area is covered by recent (three to five thousand years) lava flows including vast areas of jagged black basalt. The park is a wilderness area and most of the it is extremely rugged lava rock. Be sure someone knows where you are going and when you expect to return. Visitors should prepare adequately for their visit. Travel off the trails requires proper preparation and equipment.
bulletLassen National Forest
bulletThe Forest lies at the heart of one of the most fascinating areas of California, called the Crossroads Here the granite of the Sierra Nevada, the lava of the Cascades and the Modoc Plateau, and the sagebrush of the Great Basin meet and blend...
bulletBurney Chamber of Commerce
bulletLocal history and business directory.
bulletBurney Falls Magazine
bulletEastern Shasta County online travel, entertainment, and news magazine.
bullet Hat Creek Rim Hang Gliding
bulletHang Glider and Para Glider Launch - The Hat Creek Rim with its gentle late afternoon, early evening thermal uplift, known as "Glass off," provides a unique opportunity for hang gliders and para gliders. A launch site and parking area have been constructed on top of this 700 foot escarpment for this purpose, along with two landing zones directly below the launch. A U.S. hangliding association level III rating is recommended for flying this world famous site.
bulletFall River Valley Chamber of Commerce
bulletLocal history and business directory.
bulletHat Creek Hereford Ranch & RV Park  The Hat Creek Hereford Ranch is situated in the heart of Lassen National Forest. Its green fields and trees, cold, sparkling streams and private lake provides an exhilarating outdoor experience along with the convenience offered by a fully-equipped recreational park. The perfect vacation spot!
bulletCentury 21 Big Pine Realty
bulletHomes, Land, Business & Ranches

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